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At Elis Spa and Erotic Massage:

, We focus on one thing: providing the best massage in the industry.. This isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' type of massage. Our highly-qualified therapists view each client as an individual and understand each body is unique.  We deliver personalized massages designed to improve overall health and wellness. Each experience is customized, and our goal is to deliver a message that is truly therapeutic. Our founder, massage therapist Michele Merhib Maruniak, designed a service path known as The Elis Spa Way, to provide a massage experience rooted in therapy. There are plenty of options to choose from. Questions? Reach out to your local studio to book an appointment!




Say goodbye to minor aches and pains. Say hello to the new you with customized massage sessions.



Stretch providers can bend to your needs to create personalized stretch sessions that focus on your key areas.



Our wonderful Escorts Ladies do their best to perform a massage that would awaken your senses and refresh both your body and spirit.

Elis Spa and Erotic Massage listings include quality providers with endless modalities and customizations at a spa or wellness locations near you. If you're going to unwind or you want to work out stubborn kinks, make sure you find the right massage and the right spa for your needs. Often the massage therapist will customize treatments to address any concerns you may have and to make the experience perfect for you. Wear what feels comfortable to get the most out of your experience and be sure to speak up about what feels good and what doesn't - this experience is all about you!

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Relaxation at out Spa Centre.

We have more than 20 years of exprience with 100% client satisfaction.

When you visit our girls, you can either relax and chat with the ladies lounging in our sports bar, or you can request a live lineup of all available brothel girls. If you'd like to request a live lineup while you're at the brothel, just ask one of our courteous team members. During the lineup, you will be seated comfortably in our parlor while a bevy of bewitching babes parade before you. Once you have chosen the lady you'd most like to be alone with, the erotic fantasy begins!

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